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Phil McGaw

Phil McGaw

Principal Architect

Phil McGaw is the Principal Architect at evolo, working closely with evolo’s clients to develop an effective technical strategy and an end-to-end experience that spans devices and technologies, and has spent the better part of 10 years working to understand and leverage the delicate balance between business interests, business processes and how to develop software solutions that marry the two together.

He has a Masters in Computer Science, is an active member of the Association of Enterprise Architects and is a regular contributor to various BPM communities, with particular interests in the use of software automation techniques and testing frameworks. Phil's passion lies in researching how everything depends on everything else ("connecting the dots"); how people, process, and place all flow into an organisation's unique design, its development, how it changes and manages that change, and even how it communicates.

When not in front of a computer screen or a whiteboard drawing stick people and arrows, Phil is either a bit of a blur either riding superbikes or jumping out of perfectly good air-planes. Failing that he will be hanging out with his three energetic boys in the parks of North London.

Q + A

Three hobbies outside of work?

Photography, Motobikes and does keeping three small boys from constantly fighting with each other count?

What do you do on your lunch break?

Walk around looking up at buildings or sitting on small patches of grass in London enjoying the sunshine

What is your hidden talent?

Making a playing card stick to the ceiling of a room

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