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What is Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic Process Automation is designed to provide an organisation with an agile virtual workforce that follows rule-based business processes and interacts with the systems in the same way that users currently do. RPA has the capability for automating processes that would otherwise be executed manually by humans or by having to customise existing IT systems. When adopted alongside traditional IT development, RPA extends the […]

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Understanding Code Metrics

Code metrics can be an important tool to use following and during development to give better insight into the complexity of the solution.  By taking advantage of the metrics the following benefits can be achieved; Understanding which types and / or methods should be refactored Identify potential risks with the existing development Understand the impact of changes to existing types and / or methods […]

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SOLID Principles

When working with software in which dependency management is handled badly, the code can become rigid, fragile and difficult to reuse. Rigid code is that which is difficult to modify, either to change existing functionality or add new features. Fragile code is susceptible to the introduction of bugs, particularly those that appear in a module when another area of code is changed. When following […]

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Building a Single Page Application (SPA) with ASP.NET WebAPI and AngularJs

We recently designed and built a fairly lightweight web application for a client that was to simply replace a clunky out-of-the-box solution from a vendor with something that responded much better and improved the overall user experience that had previously been constrained by the company tying themselves to a vendor. We knew the scope of the development wasn’t to replace the back-end system, so we […]

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Modal Dialog Admin Form in MBPM

In this post I’m going to talk about how to use MBPM admin forms as Modal Dialogs, so that you can use these dialogs to “do something”, a lookup perhaps, and then have values passed back to the concept of a parent form. The benefits of modal dialogs are that they disable input into the parent form until the modal dialog is closed, so […]

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