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KeyValuePair using Mstm.SelectSql()

In this quick snippet I’ll demonstrate what is needed to produce a KeyValuePair in the likes of a drop down list on a Metastorm BPM form without the use of an additional MBO . (version 9.x) What we are trying to achieve here is the ability have the user select something meaningful to them, but on selection of a list item, it is assigning […]

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Using telerik jQuery Object in Metastorm BPM

In this post we are going to talk about how to use the jQuery version that is shipped with the telerik controls in version 9 of the Metastorm/OpenText BPM workflow suite. Traditionally when you would like to use jQuery in a web application you would add a reference in your page to a jQuery library, then you could start using the jQuery object($) to […]

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Using Business Objects in Server Scripts

I was recently working with someone on the Metastorm Community Central forum regarding being able to use or instantiate Business Objects in server side scripts, and after finishing the thread, I thought I’d elaborate a little in a post. The concept is as follows: Define a custom business object Associate the business object with the process or form and set any parameters for it […]

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Troubleshooting “No Engines Are Available” – Version 9.2

Bit of a “middle man” post this one, as it is written by one of the Metastorm/OpenText guys on the main community forum, but I think it is such a useful bit of information when troubleshooting why your UI is throwing a “No Engines are Available” error, that it is only right we reference it. http://communitycentral.metastorm.com/t5/BPM-Version-9-Installation-and/quot-No-Engines-are-Available-quot-Troubleshooting-Guide/m-p/278209 Happy bonfire night!

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new MetastormDefault() versus null Connection

In this article we’ll be discussing the performance difference between using either new MetastormDefault() or null in the MboConnectionInfo property in the Mstm.SelectSQL command in version 9 of Metastorm/MBPM. I was always curious about this parameter when version 9 came out, especially since if you use the expression builder for an SQL statement, it would automatically put in the “new MetastormDefault()” value, but why […]

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